Temporary new exit strategy for Chestnut Ridge Landfill begins June 17

Beginning Monday, June 17th, there will be a change of route at Chestnut Ridge Landfill that will continue for up to two months as contractors repave the landfill’s entrance roads and parking area, according to information provided to Anderson County by Waste Management, Inc.

The repaving project will require anyone using the Landfill to loop all the way around the landfill and exit at the bottom of Fleenor Mill Road.

The loop around the Landfill is a gravel and dirt road and is very steep in certain areas. Any residents using the landfill should use extreme caution on the exit road.

During this time residents are urged to make use of Anderson County’s six convenience centers for any waste that can be taken at the centers. However, construction materials, wood, brush, and yard waste, must still be taken to Chestnut Ridge Landfill.