Convenience Centers vs Landfills


A Convenience Center is a location for County residents to take and dispose of bagged household garbage generated by normal everyday life, such as kitchen and bathroom waste, and non-hazardous household items. As a convenience, the County provides open-top containers at all Convenience Centers for the occasional disposal of larger bulk items such as couches and other furniture, like mattresses or box springs.

Additionally, the County provides recycling opportunities at Convenience Centers for certain types of materials. Materials accepted vary by location and allowable space. Anderson County provides residents with six Convenience Center locations and two remote garbage drop-off locations for the outlying northern section of the County. Based on County population, the County is only required to provide three Convenience Centers for residents.


A Landfill is a location where most items can be disposed of with the exception of hazardous materials like radioactive wastes, medical waste, ammunition or explosives, petroleum-based fluids, etc.

Construction materials and leaf, brush and wood waste are accepted. Chestnut Ridge Landfill is a Class I landfill located in Anderson County. It is owned and operated by Waste Management Incorporated of North America. It is a modern sanitary landfill which means that it is a closed system landfill where garbage is layered between 15 feet of clay at the base, then closed up between another layer of heavy plastic and two more feet of clay, and so on. This system prevents the escape of liquid (leachate) and traps gases that are released as the material breaks down. Vents are placed in various locations to capture the released gas that is then either burnt off, or collected and sent to be used in homes that use natural gas. Chestnut Ridge Landfill provides gas that is used in 1,500 to 2,000 homes.